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Our Process & Prices

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Family enjoying clean carpet in Christchurch
With more than 30 years of experience in the trade, Action Carpet Cleaning is here to cater for all your domestic, commercial or industrial steam cleaning needs. Our focus is on delivering unmatched quality, reliability and service. You'll enjoy professional workmanship, a fast drying process and real value for money when you choose to use our company. We'll gladly come to you anywhere throughout Christchurch.  Please call us 03 381 3262 today for a free quote. 

Our process

At Action Carpet Cleaning we have finely honed our cleaning processes over the years to ensure that you get the result you want, fast! Our process involves:

Pre-vacuum cleaning is carried out with a commercial beater brush vacuum which features a high quality 0.3 micron filtration system for easy removal of dirt and dustmites.


We pre-spray with a natural but highly effective citrus based cleaning solution that is safe for all fibres as well as children and pets.

With a Little Giant Hotomatic water heater operating from the van, our LPG water heating unit provides the optimum water temperature and pressure for thorough cleaning. We do not use your hot water, which saves you hassle and money!


Our on-site high velocity vacuum machine sucks 194 cubic feet of air per minute through a short hose. This process ensures maximum moisture recovery and a fast drying finish that you can walk on sooner!

For heavily soiled carpets we also carry a rotary brush to scrub and separate soil from the carpet fibres prior to the rinse and extraction process. Please give us a call on 03 381 3262 to ask about the extra costs involved.


Value for money is assured when you deal with Action Carpet Cleaning! Domestic pricing can vary depending on the level of soiling and your furniture removal requirements, but please refer to the price list below as a guide. Industrial and commercial work is individually assessed. Please note that a minimum charge of $60 applies to all jobs.
  • 2 Rooms from $80 (open plan dining/living areas are priced as 2 rooms) 
  • 3 Rooms from $100 
  • 4 Rooms from $120
  • 5 Rooms from $140 
  • 6 Rooms from $160
  • 7 Rooms from $180 
  • Bedroom traffic areas around furniture: $15 
  • Rotary brushing of carpets: add $10 per room 
  • Lounge furniture: $15 - $25 per seating position 
  • Dining furniture: $5 - $10 per seating position 
Family enjoying clean carpet
To find out more about our services, simply phone us on 03 381 3262.
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